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You will be Dignified, Fashionable and Elegantly Attired by Zahra

Custom Tailoring

For more than 30 years, Zahra and his associated Hong Kong  tailors have been providing the finest clothes in the world at affordable prices to discerning clients across the country. Providing quality, affordable clothing combined with personal service and attention, HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS can tailor suits or custom shirts to meet your exact needs.


Why Custom Tailoring?

Suits, sport coats, trousers and shirts sold in stores are not made for any particular person, they are made to fit a mannequin, If you are the same size as the form that's used for a standard suit, then you are fortunate. But many of us are not a standard size-one arm may be longer than the other, if we work out we may have more "drop" between chest and waistline than the so-called "standard", or for any reason we might be hard to fit. True custom clothing is constructed  from the ground up with your measurements and fabric selection. People often confuse custom clothing with made- to-measure which is made from pre-set patterns. Zahra can recommend fabrics and styles to enhance your physique. Instead of attempting to alter a suit made for a mannequin to fit you, instead try clothing that's made just for you by HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS, that has everything you want in your clothes and fits you perfectly. Good custom suits are an investment in comfort and boost ones confidence.


It's About Choice

With tailored clothes, you can have everything you want! Do you like to have a small "ticket"pocket in your suit jacket? Done! How about a small pocket for a pen and pencil inside the coat? Done! What sortof pleats would you like on the trousers? Done! Or would you like us to advise on you the best styles? We can give honest advice because we can make any style and any feature, and don't have to sell you a garment that's already made for someone else. Zahra is an expert who can advise you on U.K fashions, and his Hong Kong tailors can put any chosen features into your clothes.

It's About Economy

Hong Kong is the home of great Oriental tailoring. The British in Hong Kong learned about the great skills of Chinese tailors, so they undertook to teach them the art of British custom tailoring, the standard for the world. Today skilled tailors work in Hong Kong, with great British wools and other fabrics from all over the world, turning out world-class custom tailored garments. The same salary differentials that cause the clothing factories to use Chinese sewing also can work for you, providing you a fine custom tailored suit at the price of a better suit from a store. Custom tailored clothing exudes confidence. Let HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS introduce you to the inexpensive elegance of Hong Kong tailors.


It's About Saving Your Time

Browse our site and let us show you a better way to acquire custom made suits, custom shirts, formal wear and other clothes. In one short appointment, you can shop with thousands of fabric samples and select whatever clothes you would like. You don't have to wander through store after store, looking for just the right garment at just the right price. The exact garment you want can be made for you by HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS at a very attractive price. Don't hesitate to e-mail or call us we are in U.K office, you can call us at any time.

Make an Appointment Today

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to save time, save money, obtain expert advice in how you dress, and provide you with impeccably fitting new garments! Making an appointment now to meet with Zahra will put you on the path to a new image, uniquely yours, in your custom clothes, tailored for you and chosen for your height, your build, your occupation and the image you want to project. Call Zahra at +447919817630, and make an appointment to meet with her.


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