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The Oriental tradition of conscientious service, attention to detail and a genuine concern for your satisfaction are keynote with Mrs. Zahra. Along with the finest HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS in the Oriental tradition, you also have the comfort that you are dealing with a United Kingdom Business

To ensure perfect fit, HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS, with over 30 years of custom tailoring experience, will personally take more than 28 measurements. A pattern will be cut to your personal specification to ensure a perfect fit. Your garments will be made by HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS, with whom he has been associated for many years

HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS have delivered perfectly fitting garments to thousands of customers in her many years in the business, and will be happy to provide references. Following your order, your garments are made in Hong Kong and shipped to you, with all postage and duties prepaid, so that all you need to do is open the package when it arrives!

Please call Arshad at ?+447919817630? or E-mail at [email protected] for an appointment and in just one visit you can be immaculately dressed for the whole year! Many of Mrs. Zahra customers place a small order at first, to gain experience with HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS. Mrs. Zahra travels regularly and can easily arrange a follow-up visit after you have received your first order, once you have experienced the extraordinary quality, fit and workmanship of your new custom clothes.

Custom Suits




Let Us Show You A Better Way To Acquire HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS-Tailored Suit
  • Custom made suits fit you better and wear longer, giving you added value and savings. Over 28 precise measurements are taken, and individual patterns are cut in the fabric of your choice. HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS  gives customers the opportunity to be dignified, fashionable and elegantly attired at work or at any evening affair.


Attention To Detail

Standard features on all suits. Every HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS  suit is individually hand cut. Each suit is carefully checked to maintain our high standards. All button holes are hand-sewn with the finest silk thread. Each suit is cut on individual paper patterns. Over 35 measurements are being taken for perfect fit. All jackets are fully lined, slacks are lined when appropriate. All seams are reinforced for maximum durability

HIGH QUALITY FASHIONS carries the finest and most practical fabrics, English Flannels and Worsted, French Gabardines, Mohair from Italy, Scottish Tweeds and Cashmere in a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. By dealing with an experienced professional, you will receive the very best advice on the fabrics and style for your custom suits.For travel, Mrs. Zahra can recommend a number of fabrics that defy wrinkles, so that your custom suits will shed most wrinkles when they are hung up overnight. Or for wear to work you might want a fabric that is especially durable, that will continue to maintain its attractiveness will delivering great durability at the same time. Or for today's warmer offices, you may want to have your custom suits made from a light-weight fabric that doesn't look like a tropical weight.






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